Designing and producing pedal-assisted bicycles with good design is the goal of Zeroundici, a two-wheeled startup founded in Turin by Mattia Bertone and part of I3P, the Innovative Business Incubator of the Politecnico di Torino. “Before founding Zeroundici I was already working in the world of e-bikes and I noticed how their design was very often neglected. This was because the technical requirements seemed insurmountable, thus making functionality prevail over aesthetics,” Mattia Bertone told Auto&Design.

“After months of study and planning, I was able to find a solution that reconciled production requirements with those of an integrated, refined design that would allow the traditional line of a bicycle, with simple, harmonious lines, to remain almost unchanged,” continues Bertone. The battery of the Zeroundici bicycles is completely integrated in the frame so as not to provide proportions different from those of a traditional bicycle.

In addition, these two wheels are completely customizable in terms of painting, choice of components and accessories. At the moment there are three models on the market: “the City, designed for those who prefer comfort without sacrificing performance; the Trekking, equipped with a hydraulic magnesium fork to dampen the vibrations on rough roads and the Country, with its reclined upper tube, 26′ wheels and cushioned fork”. The first Zeroundici bike was launched in 2016.