After what could be defined as the brand’s first electrified experiment: the 2008 Mini E (produced in 500 units in the U.S. only), Mini is returning to the electric theme with the Cooper SE, the model that officially launches the brand into the future of electrified mobility. It is a step marked by continuity, given that it was the three-door Cooper that was chosen from the whole Mini range to be electrified, being the model undeniably linked to the image of the originally English brand.

To recognise the Mini Cooper’s Full Electric variant, you need to pay attention to details. In the front end, the big oval grille is now completely covered, due to the electric motor’s reduced need for air compared to the endothermic engine. A yellow frame enhances the grille, the colour having been chosen by Mini to identify the “plug-in” version of the Cooper, and also shows up on the wing-mirror caps and on the rims’ alloy finishing.

It’s a determined choice, then, to equip the Cooper SE with the traditional air vent on the bonnet that, though not performing any function, conceptually underlines the link that this electric version also has with the rest of the range and, above all, with the sportier variants. These all share the typical Mini “go-kart feeling”, according to what the manufacturer has stated.

In the exteriors, other elements that make it possible to distinguish the SE from the other Minis are the new badges on the tailgate, side indicators, and on the petrol flap. There are also small updates in the interiors. The most obvious is the new, entirely digital instrument panel with a 5.5-inch screen and graphics that can be personalised based on the driving mode selected (Mid, Sport, Green, and Green Plus). At the centre of the dashboard, the Mini Connected infotainment system also stands out – a standard feature across all outfittings. The Mini Cooper SE comes in four offerings: S, M, L, and XL.