The Master in Eco Packaging Design – Systemic Innovation Design for the packaging project promoted by the Polytechnic of Turin – Department of Architecture and Design has started online: despite the measures made necessary by the current health emergency, the training course could regularly start in the way that has currently become the rule for the educational activities of the University, i.e. the remote lessons. This is the first Master, the only one of its kind, dedicated to eco packaging design, investigated from a systemic point of view. It is a one-year training course that tackles the strategic and design aspects of design, communication and sustainability for packaging design in an interdisciplinary way.

A complex and articulated theme, that of the packaging of goods. Packaging is at the same time protection of the object, presentation of the product, information to the final consumer. A strategic and fundamental component, both for those who produce and those who buy. The world of packaging today involves all sectors, from food to cosmetics, for which the growing demand for innovative and sustainable packaging, by increasingly attentive consumers and responsible companies, is certainly leading to a general rethinking of containers and wrappers.

The design and production of functional, intelligent and sustainable packaging becomes a strategic issue, particularly at this historic moment when the protection of people’s health and safety – for example food safety during a pandemic – are crucial. Packaging sustainability, today, influences 43% of consumers in their choice of products. As many as 48% say they have stopped buying consumer goods that were over-packaged and 23% say they have increased the purchase of bulk products.