The design of the Huracán EVO Rwd Spyder optimises the integration and functionality of the ultra-lightweight hood: whether it is closed or lowered, the Spyder remains a true Lamborghini and its lines confirm its dynamic look and performance. The exterior lines guarantee a reduction in drag and downforce similar to that of the Coupé, without the need for additional aerodynamic components, while enhancing the balance and dynamism of the rear-wheel drive car, whatever the position of the soft top.

The open-top sports car continues the design philosophy of the Lamborghini V10 range with new front and rear elements that set it apart from its four-wheel drive counterpart. It features a new front splitter and vertical fins accompanied by wider and more clearly defined front air intakes, while the rear bumper, in glossy black, incorporates a new diffuser that makes its debut on this model.

The Spyder’s soft top folds under the rear bonnet in 17 seconds, even while driving, at speeds of up to 50 km/h. Available in a range of colours, the canopy matches the bodywork lines and colour options of this rear-wheel drive car, as well as allowing you to chat and have fun in peace, whether closed or lowered. Whatever the position of the soft top, the driver can also electronically operate the rear window, which acts as a screen when raised and amplifies the unique sound of the V10 engine when lowered. There are also two removable side windows, which dampen the aerodynamic noise in the passenger compartment and allow conversations even at high speeds. Inside, the 8.4-inch touchscreen is located in the centre console, controlling the car’s functions for phone calls, Internet access and Apple CarPlay.