Design and technology are at the service of health prevention. Pininfarina, now committed to the research of integrated solutions and ready application for the post-Covid19 phase, enters into a strategic partnership with Blimp, a start-up specialising in artificial intelligence and part of e-Novia, the Milan-based “Fabbrica di Imprese”. Pininfarina and Blimp will offer a solution that, by integrating physical and digital design, technology and services, will make it possible to verify and monitor, through the analysis of people flows, the application of the anti-Covid19 containment measures in all indoor and outdoor environments: from public transport to airports and stations, from offices to production plants, from shops to large retailers.

According to the agreement reached by the two partners, Pininfarina will dress Blimp’s technology by integrating the Beat-19 solution developed by the Milanese company into its architecture and industrial design proposals. Pininfarina’s Experience Design team will also define the experience within the vehicles and spaces as well as the interfaces (App, display, Led-wall) dedicated to company personnel and end users. Beat-19 is able to monitor the flow of people in order to ensure the application of measures to contain the spread of the virus and to detect any groups of people in public areas by means of acoustic signals.