Tuc.technology, a modular connector that allows you to anchor, power and connect any element to the floor of the car, from seats to infotainment, from the dashboard to even a coffee machine, goes one step further. The device was presented by the company’s founders, Ludovico Campana and Sergio Pininfarina, in its latest pre-industrialised version applied to the Volkswagen group’s Meb platform.

“Tuc is ready to be industrialized and put on the market and is perfectly compliant with the automotive world (OEM) standards, patented, compatible and functional with any vehicle”, says Ludovico Campana, creator of the technology and administrator of the company. “Through the standard plug & play system, TUC.technology replaces a series of components that today make the vehicle architecture obsolete. Today, thanks to TUC technology, the vehicle becomes an empty sheet on which everyone can draw from their own experience and vehicle concept both internally and from the user experience”.

As far as the theme of style is concerned, the Tuc application would make it possible to create many different interior layouts that can be customised and modified according to the user’s needs. “This system can be used according to the needs of the vehicle or the manufacturer, in thousands of different ways, we are finally ready to sell the licenses of this revolutionary patent for vehicles and components manufacturers,” adds Sergio Pininfarina, administrator and sales director of Tuc.

The traditional wiring systems of cars change, and are replaced by a plug that resembles the charging socket of our smartphones. The device not only allows you to configure the interior to your liking, but also directly provides power going to create a connected system. The connector is adaptable to different floors and any external architecture.