The seventh Škoda Student Concept Car, designed by 31 students attending the renowned Škoda vocational school, links the past with the future: the uncompromisingly open-top ŠKODA SLAVIA pays homage to this year’s brand anniversary by commemorating the name of the first bicycles produced by Václav Laurin and Václav Klement after they founded the company in 1895.

The spider variant of the Scala combines the contemporary compact model’s bold and exciting lines with a common design standard from the earliest days of motoring, when most automobiles were open-top vehicles. From first draft to building this one-off car, the students completed every step themselves, with support from their instructors as well as experts in the design, production and technical development departments from Škoda.

The students were also followed in the design by the head of brand design, Oliver Stefani: “Despite the increasing use of computers and simulations, design is still an essential part of the work of automotive designers. At every turn, an idea turns into something real. A sketch is the first of many steps on the long and exciting journey to a new car,” says Stefani. The Scala spider is born from a sketch on a blank sheet of paper. The creation of a ‘student car’ has been a tradition in Škoda since 2014.