Electric, highly technological, and connected: the Volkswagen ID.3, the first vehicle from the German manufacturer constructed on the zero-emission vehicles MEB platform, has the latest-generation technological features of the Volkswagen group installed. “We designed it with an idea in mind: its shapes would need to easily and immediately communicate the vehicle’s advanced technology”, says Klaus Zyciora, head of design for the Volkswagen group.

In the ID.3, almost all of the functions of the infotainment system are controlled using the central, 10-inch display. The instrumentation group also uses a digital support. “Research into the interface was based on the idea of simplification. The menus are simple, customisable according to the user’s needs, and highly intuitive”. There are, in any case, convenient “physical” shortcuts. “The music volume and the air conditioning are controlled, in contrast, by two cursors with touch technology positioned in relief at the bottom of the display. This way, you can find them immediately without distractions while driving”, Klaus Zyciora continues. Alternatively, you can use the vocal commands: “Our customers will be able to speak with the ID.3 with a natural, non-stereotypical language. You’ll just have to say: ‘Hi, ID’”.