The ID.3, Volkswagen’s first electric offering on the MEB platform, marks the German maker’s entry into large-scale electric mobility. It was therefore only logical that its multimedia interface should be on the leading edge too. Digitally, the car sought its inspiration from smartphones. “The use of new remote updating technologies mean that the ID.3 is a car that does not age”, says Klaus Zyciora, head of Volkswagen Group design.

The system adopted is a replica of what we live with every day with our mobile devices: “The car can be updated “over the air”. This means the addition of new content, but also a substantial change in the graphics and layout of the multimedia system. In this way each ID.3 remains in step with the times and it will also be possible to install extra elements, just as we do with apps”, continues the German designer.

Volkswagen is turning into a digital brand: “The relationship with our customers, who will learn to interact with the car through their smartphone, will also be completely new. This is one of the benefits of electric cars: they can stay online at all times and the large amount of energy stored in the batteries means they are always connected. Great news for us designers because every update has to be designed from scratch”, concludes Klaus Zyciora.