Chinese manufacturer Changan presents the Vision-V concept car at the Beijing 2020 show, which offers an insight into the style that will characterise the brand’s future models. The car inaugurates a true new stylistic philosophy based on aesthetics, technology and intelligence. According to the manufacturer, who has a European style centre based in Turin, the brand’s new design uses technology and intelligence with warm human care to create a rational, simple, futuristic and advanced aesthetic language.

The Vision-V is a medium sized electric SUV with sharp lines that define its sporty and dynamic character. The front is characterized by a solid surface that thanks to a play of LEDs replicates a honeycomb grid. The upper part of the front is characterized by the presence of thin and sharp headlights connected together by a single line of lights that crosses the front in its entirety. In the lower part we find the air intakes. The grille, which was created to cool the engine, has now been redefined and reconceived as an aesthetic element of character, says Changan.

The side is clean, characterised by a decidedly high waistline and a concave surface downwards between the two wheel arches which gives lightness to the profile. The C-pillar, which echoes the parallel striped graphics of the rims, descends quickly downwards like a coupé. The element that most defines the rear is the large band of horizontally developed LEDs that extends from side to side, reaching the sides of the Vision-V. At the top, the spoiler reminiscent of racing cars.

The interior has been designed for maximum comfort. The dashboard is composed of a set of large digital panels that transmit all the information of the infotainment system, instrumentation and multimedia system to the driver and passengers. The design approaches aimed to make the overall volumes much lighter, making the surfaces almost floating for the least possible impact on the purity of style. Antibacterial, breathable and easily sanitised materials were used for the interior cladding.