Hyundai has released the first images of the new Tucson. The compact SUV is the direct evolution of the Vision T concept car presented at the 2019 Los Angeles Motor Show. Highlights of the design include the latest evolution of Hyundai’s signature light signature “Parametric Hidden Lights” and a new dual cockpit layout that offers a customized and intuitively optimized space for a high-tech user experience. “With the new Tucson we introduce the latest evolution of the Sensous Sportiness design principle and contribute to the unstoppable momentum of Hyundai’s future. Tucson’s advanced and experimental design is true to its pioneering spirit and raises the stakes in the most competitive segment of the industry,” says SangYup Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Hyundai Global Design Center.

Tucson’s exterior design expresses what Hyundai designers call “Parametric Dynamics”: through digital data this theme uses lines, faces, angles and shapes to create kinetic, jewel-like surface details, offering an unprecedented bold design aesthetic. Parametric Hidden Lights (Parametric Daytime Running Lights) offer a strong visual impact: these characteristic daytime running lights (DRL) are well integrated into the front grille and are only revealed once they are switched on by the driver.

The stylistic evolution of the interior has led to a lower dashboard display, removing the classic instrument panel housing shape to keep surfaces cleaner, while soft, layered shapes amplify the feeling of spaciousness even more. The touchscreen is positioned in the centre of the dashboard and communicates with the digital instrument panel behind the steering wheel. The upper part of the dashboard integrates with the doors, enveloping passengers as if in a deep gorge, while the sensual shapes of the central, vertically oriented fascia are inspired by waterfalls. The two silver finishes slide down to the rear doors and blend harmoniously with quality materials layered in complementary neutral tones.