“The new S Class is the highest expression of the concept of Modern Luxury, the stylistic philosophy that has guided our projects for several years”. This is how Gorden Wagener, head of design at the Daimler Group, describes the new generation of the German flagship whose debut was digital for the first time. The car has an unprecedented design characterised by few pure lines and shapes. “Short front overhang, long wheelbase and balanced rear wheelbase: the S-Class has perfect proportions,” continues Wagener.

Other exterior features include an elongated bonnet, a vertically developed front end with the classic Mercedes-Benz star mounted at the end of the grille, a long passenger cell and a C-pillar that descends quickly to the rear. The car looks elegant and massive thanks to the wide track that ends with the wheels flush with the bodywork, a modern, muscular design. The grille is now larger and wider, the slimmer, sculpted headlamps also make their stylistic contribution through LED lighting effects.

Great attention was also paid to aerodynamics: “With a CX of 0.22, the S Class is one of the most aerodynamic cars in the world in the luxury saloon segment. Bodywork, underbody and all the rest of the components have led to excellent results. Already at an early stage of development, extensive airflow simulations were carried out using clusters and high-performance computers. Aeroacoustics has also been the subject of numerous refinements,” continues Wagener.

The interior of the new generation has been completely revolutionised. The space has grown in both configurations, normal and long wheelbase, while the dashboard appears more sculpted in shape. The digital revolution has brought up to five screens inside the cabin, two at the front (the instrument panel and the vertical infotainment display), and three at the rear. The new generation of the MBUX multimedia system makes its debut on the car. Many functions have been borrowed from the world of smartphones: the system can be unlocked with PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition and the screens can be taped from one display to another. “You can configure up to seven different profiles and control everything with voice commands using natural language,”.