Just over 500 pages to recount almost a century of beauty and technology: this is the exciting aim of the publication celebrating the birthday of what is, perhaps, the most famous Italian coachbuilder in the world.

Edited by Giorgio Nada, the volume Pininfarina 90 anni/90 years illustrates 632 masterpieces built between 1930 and today, from the fabulous, aerodynamic convertible “Tipo Bocca” to the very recent Battista Anniversario. It constitutes “a chance to see all the projects again and to grasp their merits and flaws: a fascinating, engrossing project”, as the president, Paolo Pininfarina, explained during the press conference held at Milano AutoClassica.

While the microphones gathered the speaker’s memories and observations, some of the creations immortalised on paper were proudly shown in person, in part thanks to the collaboration with several private collectors. These included a rare Alfa Romeo 2500 SS coupé from 1949, which didn’t fail to capture the attention of Kevin Rice, creative director of Pininfarina since last March: “It’s ‘important’, but dynamic; it really strikes you. It seems incredible to me that it dates back to the 1940s. It shows that Italians possess the aesthetic sense in their DNA”. And what if a future of style and excellence were to germinate from this understanding of the past?

The book, distributed by Giunti, is available in Giunti al Punto book stores and on the websites: store.pininfarina.it, www.giorgionadaeditore.it, www.libreriadellautomobile.it for the price of 90 Euros. Every car is accompanied by an explanatory text in Italian and in English.