The Enyaq iV, Škoda’s first fully electric SUV, marks the beginning of a new era for the Czech manufacturer in technical and stylistic terms. Emotional lines and balanced, dynamic proportions are combined in the first Škoda built on the Volkswagen group’s Meb platform, an architecture dedicated exclusively to 100% electric cars that provides compact proportions and a spacious interior. “With Enyaq iV we bring forward the typical identity of the Škoda front end, characterised in particular by the Crystal Face element. Moreover, in combination with its emotional design and its markedly robust style, accentuated also by the large rims, it certainly does not go unnoticed,” says Oliver Stefani, head of Škoda design.

Karl Neuhold, head of exterior design at Škoda, explains the design features of the Enyqa iV in: “The style of the car is progressive, balanced and confident. The new proportions give it a particular dynamism and a spacious interior. The large wheels and the height from the ground give it the powerful presence of an SUV on the road. The Enyaq is also characterised by sculptural lines, clear surfaces and crystalline elements inspired by the art of Bohemian crystal. Its proportions, however, differ from those of our previous models: the Enyaq iV has a front with a short overhang and an elongated roof line. This creates a very dynamic look and turns it into a spaceship. The car is 4.64 metres long, 1.87 wide and 1.6 high. The 2.76 metre wheelbase and the absence of a central tunnel make it extremely spacious and with plenty of knee room in the rear seats. The boot has a capacity of 585 litres.

The front is characterised by imposing profiles, while the sculptural bonnet and full LED headlights recall the stylistic features that can be found on all Suv Škoda. However, the projecting, vertical grille adds an exclusive touch to this car, accentuated by the new Crystal Face. For some versions, 130 LEDs illuminate the vertical fins while a horizontal strip illuminates the grille. The tailgate, embellished with the centrally positioned, raised single lettering Škoda, is framed by a matt black roof spoiler and a rear bumper with grey diffuser.

Drawing inspiration from modern interior design trends, through the seven Design Selections (Studio, Lodge, Loft, Lounge, RS Lounge, Suite and ecoSuite), available depending on the versions chosen, the designers have created interior design solutions in which all the elements are perfectly matched. Each Design Selection is distinguished by the choice of seat upholstery, decorative strips, dashboard and materials. In addition, depending on the chosen configuration, the mats, the centre console and the ambient lighting will also be different, both aesthetically and tactile. In the Design Selection Lodge and ecoSuite Škoda focuses on sustainability. The chosen seat covers are made of 40% virgin wool, independently tested and certified according to the strict requirements of the Woolmark Company. The seats have also been awarded the Wool Blend Performance label, reserved for products containing between 30 and 49.9% virgin wool. The remaining 60% of the upholstery fabric is polyester made from recycled plastic bottles.