Tuc.technology, a Turin-based startup founded by Ludovico Campana and Sergio Pininfarina, unveiled at the Turin Automobile Museum the first application of Tuc (a modular connector that allows any element to be anchored, powered and connected to the car floor) on the Volkswagen Group MEB platform.

On this occasion the two young founders of Tuc.technology announced the winner of the design competition launched last March with the aim of inventing a device to improve life on board. The product was to use the modular Tuc plug&play attachment. The competition, open to professionals, students, design enthusiasts, inventors and creatives, was won by the MOP-UP project created by the Portuguese studio Pixartidea.

Equipped with a Tuc plug&play connector, the Mop-Up was born from the experience of the pandemic looking for a suitable solution for mobility. Through this equipment, it is possible to monitor the body temperature and oxygen levels of the occupants, as this data is valuable for an initial diagnosis of a potential infection. Through the use of UV rays, the Mop-Up can sanitise personal devices or everyday objects such as masks, gloves, house keys, smartphones and wallets. The device can produce an aqueous solution to disinfect contact surfaces inside the vehicle.

The other finalist projects were: Environment Seat by Dhiren Reger, a multifunctional and connected environment that can be entirely managed by sitting in an armchair, The Cube by Djehovan Dhira, a real smart car cabinet, Orbiter by Bert Govers, a multifunctional station that can be a desk or a minibar and Yoga Pounch by Tóth Štefan, an armchair for doing Yoga.