“A technological device truly achieves its mission when it can be used easily and intuitively by as many people as possible”. Klaus Zyciora, head of design for Volkswagen group, explains how the offering was developed for the ID.3, the first vehicle from the German brand to be constructed on the MEB platform. Reducing, in this case, means simplifying the life of customers to create immediate empathy. “Simplicity is the key for interpreting the ID.3: easy to use and easy to choose. We purposefully rationalised the offering for outfittings and developed immediate, simple, and intuitive configuration methods”.

For the exteriors, six colours were defined that reflected the personality of the vehicle. As well as white and light blue, the other four follow the shades ranging from silver-grey to dark blue. Each of these colour schemes is paired with the roof in contrasting black. “For the interiors, there are two chromatic themes: light or dark, depending on whether one wants a more sporty or relaxing atmosphere”, Klaus Zyciora continues. Rationality also means sustainability: “Environmental awareness is one of the essential elements of an electric vehicle. The right amount of outfitting and features truly corresponds to this philosophy”.