Yanfeng, a leader in automotive interiors, presented the new concept car Experience in Motion 2021 (XiM21) at a virtual event. The prototype shows a study of the interiors of future vehicles and human interaction with them. According to Yangfeng, the model makes it possible to explore ready-made product and technology solutions for production and installation in new generation vehicles. “The debut of the XiM21 is an example of our ongoing efforts to provide customers with the most advanced production-ready product technologies and solutions for a unique user experience,” said Tim Shih, head of design at Yanfeng.

The cabin surfaces are interactive. In front of the driver is a 12.3-inch dual curved display that acts as a control unit for all the main functions of the car. Thanks to the integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, the XiM21 is able to understand the user’s needs. For example, the driver can create a personal profile of himself using a smartphone app, entering his height, weight and a scanned image of his face.

The XiM21 thus automatically adapts to the driver and generates an optimised seat configuration. The app allows you to set the temperature in the passenger compartment, the fragrance preferred by the user or the correct lighting in the room in advance, so that everything is ready before the passengers get on board.

The interior of XiM21 is designed for multi-purpose use and also designed to safely transport children thanks to seats integrated into the seats that can be transformed into footrests for passengers when not in use. Completing the technology package are heated and cooled cup holders, a massage function for the seats, a wireless network system, a charging station for various electronic devices and an electrically operated folding table.