Audacious and pure: this is how the new Opel Mokka is defined. The new Mokka is the most recent creation following the Blitz (just presented in Italy), but is charged, at least according to the manufacturer, with a flavour that recalls the German capital – always balanced between precision and innovation. Thirteen centimetres shorter than the previous version, the new Mokka now precisely fits within the perimeter of the segment-B SUVs, evolving in a current and punchy key, without losing the visual solidity of the past.

And if, in real life, the proportions and structure of some volumes betray the platform that it shares with the DS3 Crossback, specific, distinct elements are not lacking: the treatment of the sides and the mouldings around the windows, for example, but, above all, the layout of the front end Vizor. The latter is arranged on a single band that gathers the light units and grille and will soon become an identifying feature of the whole range.

In the interiors as well, with the Pure Panel connecting the digital instrumentation and infotainment screen in a single functional element, you can trace the aesthetic and ergonomic features that will enliven the passenger compartments of all future Opels.

Orders are already open across Europe. The cars are expected to arrive at dealers in February 2021 and an electric version will be on offer, the look of which is exactly the same. To better understand how the formal research of the project was developed, you can read the complete design story appearing in the next issue of Auto&Design, coming out in November.