It’s time for a restyling for the Peugeot 3008 and 5008: the two “lion” automaker crossovers are receiving a significant aesthetic update, grasping the opportunity to introduce new features as well. The two cars have radically changed from the first to the second generation, shifting from classic minivans to genuine crossovers with a more muscular look. Now, they are pursuing this direction, taking on a touch extra verve.

This can be seen, above all, in the LED lights with the characteristic claw shape, which debuted on the 208 and 508 (but recently adopted on the 2008 as well), and in the unprecedented grille. The grille loses the conventional chrome frame and introduces a new three-dimensional outline that merges with the rest of the bodywork, blurring the boundaries between elements and ideally stretching to below the light units.

The front lights, which are now available with full LED technology too, take on a different shape that is equally dynamic. The bumpers also change a lot, with lateral air vents with a vertical extension and a larger inlet in the lower section. Sticking with the exteriors, the rims are new, as are the rear tail lights, which keep three, separate light units, but which are each divided, in turn, into another three vertical lights.

On the inside, both the 3008 and the 5008 incorporate the new infotainment system with a larger, 10-inch touchscreen, which is well integrated with the rest of the i-Cockpit 3D. The latter defines the, by now, classic Peugeot configuration with a small steering wheel and overhanging instrumentation, which is also entirely digital and reproduced on a high-resolution, 12.3-inch screen. Both the vehicles, finally, also update the safety features with the arrival of Night Vision.