Renault is writing a new chapter in its history with the Megane eVision. The car heralds the general stylistic canons of a new generation of electric vehicles based on the new modular platform of the Renault-Nissan Alliance CMF-EV. The Megane eVision is a dynamic hatchback with rounded volumes and, according to the French manufacturer, its production model due to arrive in 2021 will have one of the thinnest battery packs on the market.

Muscular, but relatively low, the Mégane eVision is aerodynamic, with large wheels that are thinner than those usually fitted to cars of this size. Its compactness, very small overhangs and wide wheelbase make it more like an urban sedan. Its design is also reminiscent of the world of coupés, with the spoiler integrated in the top of the sky and the aluminium diffuser under the bumper. The Mégane eVision’s roof is distinguished by its golden Gold colour, which fades away from the front windscreen pillar giving it a light, floating appearance. The rear is extended by the light band of the headlamps, which extends across the entire width of the vehicle and frames the Renault logo.

Just like the Morphoz concept car, the Mégane eVision is equipped with large wheels that echo the aerodynamic theme. This can be seen, first and foremost, in the design of the 20-inch wheels in the shape of propeller blades. The exterior is closed as much as possible and aligned with the bodywork to increase aerodynamics and achieve greater efficiency by limiting turbulence. Likewise, the wheels are covered with nut covers complemented by aerodynamic flaps while the shaded decorative lines are reminiscent of those of the lower grilles.

The luminous welcome sequence is not a simple outer shell. Through the windows, from the play of lights you can guess some elements of the cockpit such as the upper edges of the Livingscreen display, for example, light up suggesting its L-shaped profile. The name Mégane eVision appears on the display. High technology and modernity seem to be at the service of mankind for new mobility.