The design teams of Hyundai for the Prophecy (design story on Auto&Design no.242), Ferrari for the Roma (design story on Auto&Design no.240) and Porsche for the design language of its entire range were the winners of the Car Design Award 2020, the Oscar of world automotive styling established in 1984 on the initiative of Auto&Design. The Car Design Award is divided into three categories: two historic, “Concept Cars” and “Production Cars” and, since 2016, a third, “Brand Design Language”, assigned to the design team that has stood out for the consistency and transversality of its brand’s formal language over the whole product range.

The winners of the 2020 edition were:
• for the Concept Cars section, the Hyundai design team for the Prophecy project; in second place Bentley design for the EXP 100 GT; in third place the Seat-Cupra team for the Cupra Tavascan.
• in the Production Cars section, the award for best project went to Ferrari design for the Roma; second and third place respectively to the authors of the Porsche Taycan and Land Rover Defender projects.
• for the Brand Design Language section, the award was assigned to the Porsche team, followed by the Peugeot and Mazda design teams in second and third places respectively.

Due to the international situation and the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, the award ceremony took place digitally and was broadcast from Turin on the Car Design Award YouTube channel. An unprecedented milestone in the history of the award, but also an opportunity for audiences around the world to enjoy the event. “This is the first digital ceremony in the history of the Car Design Award – a recognition that, we would remind you, goes to the design team that created the project: thanks to the online format, we are able to connect from all over the world and congratulate the winning team by zooming directly into the design centre where the car or range of models that won the award took shape”, remarked Silvia Baruffaldi, Editor of Auto&Design and Chairman of the Jury.

To the winners went the trophies designed and created by Brembo, partner of the prize since its revival. “At Brembo we have a great passion for design. We want our products always to combine style and beauty with performance, quality and durability. Even under the most extreme usage conditions, such as racing. This year for the trophies we decided to use a portion of the carbon disc we supply to all the teams in the Formula E Championship”, explained Alberto Ferrari, Marketing Manager at Brembo.