The Dallara Stradale represents the greatest expression of the “functional style” concept. Each of its lines was traced to fulfil a specific technical function and, above all, an aerodynamic one (as the creatives of Granstudio told us in the cover story that Auto&Design no. 228 dedicated to the project). Now, thanks to the collaboration with Club Italia, a group of Italian car lovers, the Stradale puts on its “Sunday best”, focusing on unprecedented stylistic solutions that can make the model even more exclusive.

It is called Dallara Stradale Club Italia, and only 10 units will be produced. The mechanics don’t change – the modifications are all aesthetic ones, beginning with the bodywork colour. It is an opaque blue, which, however, leaves the weave of the carbon fibre visible. In order to reduce its weight, all the shields on the vehicle are made by hand, while all the grilles of the numerous air vents, scattered all over the vehicle, now have a hexagonal outline. On the exteriors too, the presence of a long Tricolour, which encircles the passenger compartment at the level of the waistline, stands out.

The Tricolour theme is repeated in the interiors, with an insert in leather sewn on the front of the passenger seat. With reference to leather, this, along with the carbon, is the material that dominates the passenger compartment where, in addition, the presence of buttons and switches that are thinner than the production model, with a more racing-like configuration, can be appreciated.