Icona Design, a company specialising in design, engineering and prototyping with offices in Turin, Shanghai and California, launches a new modular platform dedicated to self-drive vehicles. The architecture will make its debut in Shanghai, on the occasion of the China International Import Expo (CIIE) scheduled from 5 to 10 November. Icona’s new self-guided platform has been developed in China with partners specialising in 3D printing and artificial intelligence.

It is a platform equipped with wheels, sensors and batteries, designed to find application in different contexts: a golf cart or a mobile vending machine can be installed on the same chassis to deliver drinks, snacks and ready meals on the move. It can also become a vehicle for transporting people that integrates classic mobility with an autonomous driving principle. It is able to stop by itself if a pedestrian crosses or if the traffic light turns red, and then start again when the light turns green. The interior of the passenger compartment no longer has pedals, gearbox and steering wheel, but can be transformed into a real travelling lounge. In addition to the modular chassis with autonomous drive, Icona will also be exhibiting the Fuselage and Neo concept cars in Shanghai, built in 2011 and 2015 respectively.