The events of the last few months have forced us to take a break, in which we have been able to take a step back from the chaos and frenzy of everyday life, thus being able to assess what is really special. I hope that my team will come back regenerated, with new ideas and greater clarity about what will be important in the world in the future”. Julian Thomson, Jaguar Design Director, reflects on the changes that the coronavirus pandemic is bringing globally without losing optimism. “During this extremely difficult period, each of us had to change our daily lives and felt the impact of the Covid-19 differently. This sense of uncertainty and upheaval has forced people to pause, take stock of what is really important and assess what really adds purpose and meaning to their lives”.

Although extremely disruptive and difficult to deal with, times of crisis can often generate a major push for innovation and fuel the need for more creativity. Jaguar designers have produced several videos in which they tell us how they could contribute to a more positive vision for the future and, at the same time, they share their commitment to creating lasting change. Here is the first by Julian Thomson.