Mini presents Vision Urbanaut, a new interpretation of the BMW Group’s British brand to the concept of space. Small size, great roominess, this vehicle is the first Mini MPV of the modern era. “This brand has always been synonymous with the intelligent use of space. With this concept car we want to extend the concept of private space to the public sphere,” says Adrian van Hooydonk, head of design for the BMW Group.

Depending on the way the car is used, the so-called “Mini Moments” can provide completely different experiences. The Chill Moment invites you to take a breath and relax. The car becomes a kind of retreat, a refuge where you can relax or work with full concentration during a journey. The Wanderlust is the only Mini Moment where you can actively get behind the wheel of an electric car, which in the other modes is completely autonomous. Finally, the Vibe Moment is dedicated to sociality. “Putting time spent with other people at the centre,” adds Oliver Heilmer, head of Mini design.

The exterior and interior of the Vision Urbanaut change depending on the mode of use chosen. A complete design with a maximum user experience, sustainable materials and a fully automated, electrically operated guidance system are further elements of the concept. The car has been designed from the inside out. Augmented reality was used to create a digital model, which was then systematically optimised. Unusually tall for a Mini (but only 4.4 metres long), the Vision Urbanaut is equipped with interiors that can be used in many different ways and, once arrived at its destination, can be transformed into a real living room and meeting place for people. Passengers can enter the cabin through a large sliding door on the side and there are no other doors on the driver’s or passenger’s side.