What does design mean for cars in the new era? Broadly speaking, design is an interactive exploration that reveals the relationship between the user and his/her surroundings. Design is the expression of people’s real needs, so that people live in harmony with objects. Design is about giving meanings to things and letting people accept that they are multidirectional. Design inspires curiosity and allows people to acknowledge their limitations. Since designer Mr. Atsuhiko Yamada officially joined Changan Auto in 2018, there has been great chemistry between him and his good friend Zheng Chen. They have collaborated more and more closely. Together with the design team, they have invented many ground-breaking, innovative products. “After joining Changan Auto’s design team, I became more certain that these people are very different. They don’t take the usual path and are not traditional. They are doing something new.” “In Chinese philosophy, there is a culture heritage about the understanding and perception of life and times. All perceptions must exist within a cultural matrix.”

From his knowledge of Chinese philosophy, Mr. Zheng Chen has obtained a unique perception of the design concept of “dynamic life”, which struck a chord with Mr. Yamada. In the new era of information technology, more humanized and intelligent technologies have emerged. Cars are endowed with more and more vitality. In this context, Changan Auto continues to challenge and surpass itself, opening a new chapter of Dynamic Life 2.0. At the same time, it combines technology with human warmth and creatively puts forward the “new-tech intelligent aesthetics”, which comprise Changan Auto’s pursuit of knowledge and auto design exploration in the new era. Vision V aims to achieve the perfect integration of technology and art, achieving new heights in aesthetics with technology and intelligence.

The “V” shape intuitively expresses purity, accuracy, and spirit. Discarding traditional design methods, Changan Auto’s design team obtained inspiration from the ripple of water, which is the source of life. The ripple is triggered by stress, and a creative vertical perspective is introduced to the logo. It took the design team two years to select, adapt, and finally complete Changan Auto’s original V-shaped design. In terms of the nose shape, the design team of Changan Auto re-examined various elements inside and outside the car, continuously exploring. They chose parametric expressions to break the boundaries of the grille itself. The innovative use of light as a language enables the car to communicate with people, to let people feel the inner energy growing out of the borderless grille and extending into all parts of the body. This unique, borderless, intelligent grille is redefined on the basis that it satisfies the functional requirements.

The interior design is inspired by the Mobius Band. A twisted band connects two screens for different interactive information, creating a tech-savvy cockpit. In terms of color selection, large areas of light-colored background are embellished with the traditional Chinese color cyan, bringing a sense of technology and simplicity. In terms of materials, the interiors use environmentally-friendly and healthy materials to transform using intangible technology into a multi-dimensional experience, involving the visual and tactile senses. As for details, the Chang’an design team draws on inspiration from aircraft component design such as the wing-simulating spoiler kits, fin-style heat dissipation hub, maglev environmental safety guard, etc. Exquisite high-tech quality showcases the intelligent aesthetics of new technology in every bit of the concept vehicles.

The Vision V model is an intelligent cockpit powered by the AI Xiao’an, which makes its debut with a brand-new image as a sweet and reliable partner. In today’s world, where information evolves at a rapid speed, human life and internet technology are closely interlaced. The AI Xiao’an has evolved into a new-generation, intelligent service partner from the original version of an invisible, voice recognition signal controller. Its involvement in different daily life scenarios becomes more comprehensive in both interiors and exteriors, from driving to entertainment. Created on the three principles of “safety, efficiency and sentiment”, the AI Xiao’an is perfectly compatible with users’ mobility scenarios and provides a revolutionary experience of ultimate user-friendliness. Safe driving scenarios, such as merging lanes, active safety etc., have been redefined and perfectly embedded within the mobility experience with intelligence and detail-oriented consideration.

Vision V is the embodiment of Chang’an Auto’s vision for the future and a courageous breakthrough. Upholding the mission to make technology accessible and intelligent, the model combines the innovative form of future vehicles with a pleasant travel experience for users.