Icona Design Group has signed an agreement for the development of electric vehicles with Edison Future, a company founded in September 2020 by SPI Energy Co Ltd (manufacturer and distributor of photovoltaic energy solutions) to operate in the field of electric mobility for the American market. The aim is to jointly design new lines of zero-emission vehicles, dedicated t0 people and goods. The first market of the agreement is U.S., with the future prospect of possible expansion into other areas of the world, taking advantage of the presence of Edison Future in Europe, Japan and Asia and that of Icona in Europe, China, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

The agreement between the two companies will combine SPI Energy’s manufacturing strength with Icona’s global experience in the design of electric and self-driving vehicles, according to the statement. Prototype design will focus on the avant-garde vision of both companies, which aim to revolutionize the future of transportation and change the way customers interface with their vehicles.