Text by Omri Revesz, Interior Design Professor, Department of “Culture del Progetto”, IUAV University of Venice

Design and research at IUAV University of Venice: equipped and connected train

The three-year thesis workshop of the Interior Design course at the IUAV University of Venice, held by Omri Revesz, has explored and developed ideas and spaces for new ways of living together. Luca Vestuti's interesting and innovative project is specifically dedicated to a new concept for the interiors of short and medium distance trains.

Smart Train UIAV

Beyond a means of transport

Traditionally, we have always considered the train only as a means of transport, but if this were to include the integration of other spaces and services, how could it change the lives of millions of people? In an adequately redesigned space, that time could be converted into recognised working hours, or used to carry out those activities and errands that we normally relegate to the end of the day or to weekends.

Smart Train UIAV

Rethinking interiors

The aim of the project is to rethink the current interior spaces of train carriages, putting them in close relation with the needs of those who use them, and in parallel to create a sustainable economic model for both service providers and users alike.

Smart Train UIAV

Furniture system with standard modules

The project consists of redesigning the interiors of trains with short and medium distance routes, often obsolete and not in line with technological updates and current ways of life, providing multi-purpose spaces, such as supermarkets - through vending machines - and fitness and co-working areas. A furnishing system with standard size modules allows the distribution of space to be defined according to needs and to be modified in the future without costly operations and disposal of materials.

Smart Train UIAV

Everything from the app

The system is supported by an App that facilitates and optimises its use. In addition to the ticket, it is possible to book the desired optional services and, through the barcode issued, to access them once on board by simply using one’s smartphone as a master key.

Smart Train UIAV

Flexible economic model

The capacity of the train is variable according to the distribution of the type of carriages and their layout. The economic model is therefore more flexible, with the possibility of reducing seats while increasing individual or subscription services (work, fitness, food shop), generating additional revenue for the service provider and user satisfaction.

(Full article in A&D no. 246)