Rarely does a small car arouse as much anticipation and curiosity as Dacia Spring, a compact, battery-powered, urban crossover that promises to bring to the world of electric cars the same balance of values, rationality and accessibility that is making a growing success of the Romanian brand, part of the Renault Group since 1999.

For Dacia, the Spring is not only the first 100% electric model, but also the first car aimed at the A-segment. While on the one hand it enters the market as a truly positive and absolute novelty, on the other hand the very low price for a 100% electric car suggests that the project was necessarily characterised by the need for an extreme reduction of costs. A necessary choice, which is in partial contradiction with the targeted and careful growth in quality, style and design that Dacia has managed to bring about with its other models, the second-generation Duster and the recently launched third generation Sandero.

Spring is therefore presented with a breezy style that tries to conceal purely thrifty solutions: the front features a new grille that is closed due to the absence of the radiator that hides the charging socket and the daytime running lights made with an LED strip. The side of the car flows straight towards the rear, which has smooth surfaces, while the rear light clusters are distinguished by the horizontal Y-shaped signature lights.

If the exterior design is pleasing overall, thanks to a compact body that hints at models with large-diameter wheels, the appeal is less successful on board, where the quality of the interior is affected by the efforts made to keep the price so low. Simplicity reigns supreme with the presence of only physical buttons apart from the 7″ screen with minimalist graphics, and good roominess for an A segment car but sacrificed in terms of width (not coincidentally it is only approved for 4 seats).