Beauty and elegance on the one hand and cutting-edge technology on the other in a synthesis of a new cultural model that represents the new era of luxury. These are the essential elements underpinning the Hongqi S9, the new hypercar born of the partnership between the Faw Group and Silk Ev, making its international debut at the Shanghai Motor Show. The car was designed by the team led by Walter De Silva, who based the project on four cardinal points.

“Beauty is the first thought that goes through my mind every time I start designing,” says Walter De Silva, president of Walter De Silva & Partners and head of design for the new Hongqi range of cars. Beauty is the polar star to be followed along the path of research between aerodynamic functionality and pure aesthetics, from which the design of the S9 was born. The history and philosophy of covered-wheel racing cars are part of the S9’s unique DNA, from which it derives its great personality. In addition, the S9 expresses a concept of intimate, unpretentious luxury that goes far beyond stereotypes and earthly values.

Simplicity is the fundamental principle of all automotive design. Simple and complex surfaces give rise to athletic shapes. Moving light and shadow effects on the bodywork which, depending on the environmental situation, make the body of the car simple and sinuous. The interior design exactly mirrors the body concept of the exterior. Inside the S9, research has focused mainly on a mix of sensations and vibrations typical of sporty driving and the pleasure of driving in luxury, which distinguish this new generation Hypercar.