Volkswagen has released first sketches of the brand new Mpv Multivan that will be unveiled in June. Initial sketches now provide a preview of how the next Multivan will look: “The new Multivan bears the unmistakable genes of the world’s best-known MPV design”, said head designer Albert Kirzinger.

The new Multivan seems to be completely new but nevertheless it remains the case that the DNA of its famous predecessors plays a key part in shaping its new forms. “Taking a major step forward, we have further enhanced the unmistakable character of this iconic vehicle, while still remaining loyal to the typical Bulli line. We consciously invoke, for example, the horizontal character line that runs around the body of a T3”, says Kirzinger. The monolithic design is thus also a homage to the first generation of the vehicle, which made its debut more than 35 years ago. “The DNA of the T’s multifaceted story lives on. In a completely new Multivan, which is nevertheless a typical Bulli at first sight. With a characterful, endearing look and clear, timeless design.”