Pininfarina, MT Distribution, a company specialised in the design of micro-mobility solutions and Helbiz sign a new collaboration agreement. The Turin-based design house will design a range of micro-mobility vehicles to be engineered by MT Distribution and distributed on the market by Helbiz. The project is global, with particular reference to Italy, Europe and the United States, and concerns all means of electric, green and shared micro-mobility. The entire fleet, scooters, e-bikes and e-scooters, will have a “family feeling” style created by Pininfarina. It starts with the scooter and continues with electric bicycles and scooters.

“Design has the ability to continuously innovate and improve people’s lives. Pininfarina, which operates in the most varied areas of design and is a leader in projects conceived for environmental sustainability, is particularly sensitive to the new trends in urban mobility,” said Giuseppe Bonollo, Senior Vice President Sales&Marketing at Pininfarina.