Gaussin announces its new range of trucks designed by Pininfarina. The world of transport is changing due to the need to move goods cleanly and intelligently and the growing impact of e-commerce in our society. The truck manufacturer launches its new range of trucks with the intention of providing an answer to what the future of transport will be. The trucks have been developed on the intelligent modular platform powered by hydrogen or battery systems and with a completely new cab designed by Pininfarina to ensure driver comfort and safety.

Pininfarina has created a distinctive design identity for the new range of Gaussin trucks, enhancing the core values of the products: performance and sustainability. The result of the collaboration is a design language that will create a complete family of innovative trucks. “We are happy and proud of this collaboration with Gaussin. We are deeply involved in designing unique user experiences that unite the physical and digital worlds through aesthetics and technology,” said Kevin Rice, Chief Creative Officer of Pininfarina.