Pininfarina has announced the winners of the “Pininfarina 90+1: New Dreams for a New World” design competition. Launched in October 2020 to celebrate the Company’s 90th anniversary, the competition invited students from 15 prestigious international schools to rethink the future experiences humans will have in the “New Normal.” “We are very proud to have collected nearly 150 entries submitted by designers from 25 different countries,” says Kevin Rice, Pininfarina’s Chief Creative Officer. “The students produced material of the highest quality making the jury’s task a daunting one.”

The winner in the Smart Individual Mobility category is Yonghoon Lee, a student at Hochschule München, Germany. His project, christened Vision Zero, starts from the consideration that natural phenomena such as photosynthesis can be used to make cars a place to stop in harmony with the environment. The winner in the Smart Social Mobility category is Tom Moreau of the Strate School of Design, France. His work, Bench, aims to reduce the number of vehicles through sharing. The winner in the Smart Spaces category is Riccardo Grecu, a student at Politecnico di Torino, Italy. His project Dinamico is a pavilion whose design draws inspiration from the principle of simplicity, while being characterized by a strong visual identity.

A fourth project received the Special Chairman Award for its focus on Pininfarina design values: the winner is Nathan Groot of ISD Rubika, France. Starting from the post-Covid context, his work Valentina aimed to create two separate capsules, to offer each of the two passengers a separate comfort zone, making them feel together in the travel experience. The DesignWanted Special Award was presented to Junu Kim of Coventry University, UK, for his design Pavilion-The Ego Gallery. The project will be honored with publication on the international architecture and design platform

The finalists were voted by a jury chaired by Paolo Pininfarina and Kevin Rice and composed of personalities from the world of design and architecture: Anne Asensio, Vice President Design Experience Dassault Systèmes; Silvia Baruffaldi, Director Auto&Design; Sandra Button, President Concours d’Elegance Pebble Beach; Patrick Abbattista, Founder DesignWanted; Carlo Biasia, Special Projects Architect Mondadori Group; Federico Casalegno, PhD, SVP of Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd.; Andrés Sanchez-Lozano, Co-Founder and CEO of Excem Real Estate; Harry West, Professor of Practice, Columbia University; Principal, Invisible Design.