The Master in Transportation & Automobile Design (TAD) promoted by Politecnico di Milano and managed by, celebrates the conclusion of the 12th edition of the Master, with the Graduation Day and the presentation of the thesis projects. The project theme developed by the students was Vehicles for Hybrid Environments, where the play on words is given by the adjective hybrid associated to the environments travelled by the vehicles and not to the power supply of the vehicles. In particular, hybridization is declined in various ways from one project to another, between land, air and water. The thirteen students, two of whom were foreigners, were divided into three groups: AIR-Ciel: group that dealt with the land and flying vehicle, ON WATER-K-Wave, group that dealt with the land vehicle and navigates like a motorboat, SUB-Chios for the land and submarine vehicle.


The team of students faced the challenge of designing a hybrid vehicle for 2050, capable of land and air travel. Considering the strong technical content of the project, it was decided that Bugatti would be the perfect brand match, as the willingness to take on major technical challenges is inherent in the Bugatti story.


In the not too distant future we expect different scenarios and mobility solutions, and new players will enter the automotive industry. In this scenario, an amphibious vehicle with the elements of the K-Way brand has been imagined.


Chios is the perfect vehicle for Tourism 2050. Compact and adventurous, its goal is to entertain passengers by taking them on a dive or a tour of a natural protected area. Small Polynesian islands are its natural habitat, for example.

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