The European version of the Sportage, Kia’s compact SUV, is on its way. The public presentation of the model is scheduled to take place at the Munich Motor Show, while the arrival on the markets is expected by the end of the year. More compact, dynamic and sporty, the Sportage for the European market is 4.5 meters long and has a wheelbase of 2.68. The body features overall full volumes and muscular surfaces that follow Kia’s styling philosophy called “Oppsites United” presented at the launch of the electric EV6.

“Reinventing the Sportage gave us a huge opportunity to do something new. We took inspiration from the new face of the brand inaugurated with the electric EV6. The result? A modern and profoundly innovative SUV,” comments Karim Habib, head of Kia design. At the front we find the full-width front grille on either side of which are LED headlamps and daytime running lights with a light signature reminiscent of a boomerang.

The profile is characterized by a high beltline and, compared to the version for global markets, the third light has been eliminated. The greater compactness of the vehicle has therefore not led to the replacement of the glass with a pillar in body color. If the upper part of the rear has remained essentially unchanged, at the bottom we find a diffuser and a squared molding that simulates two exhaust pipes. The Sportage with European passport has maintained the same interior layout as the one dedicated to other markets. A single panel gathers two 12.3-inch screens for digital instrumentation and infotainment system, while some controls have been grouped on the center console.

“For the choice of colors and materials we took inspiration from nature and tried through specific textures to create an emotional connection between vehicle and passengers” – explains Isabelle Hohner, C&M designer of Kia Europe -, “the green of the new Experience Green coloration is a clear demonstration of this”. For the exterior, we tried to take the stylistic heritage of a model produced in five generations since 1993 and apply it to the future: “We were inspired by the tectonic movements in nature as well as the perfect lines of architecture. The end result is a car with a unique presence on the road”, concludes Antonin Cohen, Senior Exterior Designer at Kia Europe.