MG Maze, the latest concept car from Chinese manufacturer Saic Group, is inspired by the concept of play. “Maze is a bold and daring concept that celebrates the real and digital worlds,” say Mg’s designers. The car was designed at the MG style center in London with the aim of interpreting the concept of a compact two-seater car that is fun to drive and 100% electric.

No steering wheel or pedals: MG Maze is controlled by a joystick and a display. There are also several aspects of a real show car, such as the opening in vertical axis of the entire roof shell. According to MG’s statement, it’s a convenient and ergonomic solution for getting in and out of the vehicle, requiring less space than a typical door and therefore making it easier to find parking. The exposed chassis shows the interchangeable battery pack at the rear.

The cabin is designed as a bubble, while the two seats that accommodate driver and passenger can detect vital parameters and be enhanced with new features available with over-the-air upgrades. “The minimalist nature of the exterior, interior and layout design allows the user interface to be much more engaging than it normally is,” MG explain. The car’s various features can be controlled entirely with one’s smartphone, so no key is required to access the vehicle.