Paper, pencil and talent. This is how the design process began for the creation of the Cupra Tavascan Extreme E Concept, a car that unveiled a new stylistic language that we will see on a production electric SUV that will arrive in 2024 and will be called, precisely, Tavascan. “The sketch reflects your way of thinking and, through it, you can see what the designer is thinking, his adaptability and his creative potential,” explains Jorge Diez, Cupra’s head of design.

“When we design, we are not simply sketching, we are putting a thought on paper. Through design we convey sensations. Although our style centers have the latest technology, a pencil is the fastest way to bring our ideas to reality, from a dream to a concrete model for the future,” adds Diez. The car has been updated to represent the brand’s new styling canons, key pillars for the next era of electric race cars: “The design expresses the brand’s values, it expresses sensuality and determination, a form closely linked to Mediterranean design. We start by drawing the proportions of the vehicle and then the main lines that determine its attitude”, continues Diez.

In defining the shapes, markers are also used to create the lights and shadows that give a three-dimensional volume to each surface. “In this way we not only see the lines of the car, but we can also emphasize more strongly the volumes we want to emphasize,” says Diez. Volumes that on the real model were created using linen fibers to make it more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The team paid special attention to the volumes, imagining them as if the desert sand had sculpted the silhouette. In addition, some parts were 3D printed and can be reprinted in as little as 6 hours.