Hyundai will unveil at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show (November 19-28) a concept car that foreshadows the shape and content of the Ioniq 7, the full-size electric SUV coming in its production version in 2024. The first image of the Concept Seven released by the Korean manufacturer shows some points in common with the Ioniq 5, the first model of Hyundai’s electric brand.

Among all, the pixel-shaped lights stand out, a true stylistic signature for Ioniq, while the interior will be inspired by luxury lounges with a specific regard to the sustainability of the materials used for upholstery. Like its younger sister Ioniq 5, the Concept Seven could also take advantage of the E-GMP platform of the Korean group dedicated exclusively to electric models, while the style center led by SangYup Lee is already working on the production version that, in perfect Ioniq style, will be very close to the concept car that we will see in Los Angeles.