DeepWay, a subsidiary of Baidu, has unveiled Xingtu, an electric truck equipped with 11 on-board cameras, an infrared detector, millimetre-wave radar and a LiDAR sensor, achieving the goal of full autonomous driving and ultra-long range detection of over 1 kilometre. Designed by Pininfarina Shanghai, DeepWay Xingtu is the first new energy smart truck fully developed in China, designed for operational scenarios in the autonomous driving era.

“Heavy-duty trucks are evolving rapidly to suit a rapidly changing environment where new technologies are enabling smart and connected vehicles to safely assist in everyday work. DeepWay’s sophisticated design introduces a new advanced language, where efficiency and aerodynamics work together to create an iconic exterior shape; the interior seamlessly integrates all the new technologies into a very modern and comfortable space, where the journey becomes a new intuitive and fluid experience. Intelligent, connected, premium yet practical, DeepWay Xingtu has a pure and iconic design language that marks the future of a new generation of heavy transport,” said Matteo Piguzzi, Head of Design at Pininfarina Shanghai.

DeepWay Xingtu adopts a lightweight, integrated battery and chassis design, which significantly reduces wind resistance. Thanks to its architecture, the vehicle is much easier to control, more stable and safer to use. Pininfarina has applied typical Italian design DNA to define the shapes of this futuristic heavy truck with elegant, pure lines and a strong focus on aerodynamics. The DeepWay Xingtu – Apollo autonomous driving technology base, developed by Baidu since 2013, has completed 20 million kilometres of testing. This new electric heavy-duty truck adds intelligent transportation to Baidu’s existing autonomous driving solutions, such as cars, Apollo Go robotaxis and minibuses, expanding the applications of intelligent driving to industry and enterprises.