Gordon Murray Automotive has unveiled its latest sports car called the T.33. The car is the second model of the English manufacturer and joins the T.50 and its special edition T.50s Niki Lauda. A two-seater and mid-engine car, the T.33 was conceived, designed and built according to its uncompromising claim to offer the ultimate mix of performance, comfort, driving experience on the road and in everyday life.

“With the T.33, we set ourselves a very clear task: to create another timeless design. It was designed and engineered to the same exacting standards as our T.50, with the same emphasis on driver focus, performance, light weight and pure, superlative design, but the result is a very different car,” said Gordon Murray the brand’s founder. The T.33 was designed by Gordon Murray and his team with strict adherence to the company’s seven guiding principles. The model is based on a completely new super lightweight carbon and aluminum architecture.

The research of the style center has been oriented to obtain proportions of a true sports car but at the same time balanced and defined by a few lines for a pure design. Realized with a great attention to details, the T.33 is a model with a high level of personalization. According to the release, each owner will be welcome to work with Gordon Murray Automotive’s design team to customize their T.33 through color and livery choices, ensuring no two cars will be identical.

“The beauty of simplicity is key to the design of every model our company designs, and the new T.33 is no exception. As with the T.50, every component and every single line is there because it has a function to perform. Our complete adherence to the concept of engineering artistry extends far below the surface of the T.33’s body. Every part, no matter how small and no matter that the owner will never see it, is designed to the same exacting standards as the body,” concludes Gordon Murray.