Lexus will debut the ‘NX Phev Offroad Concept’ and ‘ROV Concept‘ at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, which takes place at Makuhari Messe (Chiba City) from 14-16 January 2022. The two Concepts on display are models that embody Lexus’ efforts to realize a zero-emission society, broaden customer choices, challenge to suggest diverse and expanding lifestyles, and deliver new values that exceed expectations.

The Concept NX Phev Offroad is based on Lexus’ first plug-in hybrid model coming to market in November 2021, the NX 450h+. The bodywork echoes an adventurous lifestyle with its raised body, large-diameter tyres suitable for off-road use and customised colour scheme in bronze and matte black.

The Concept ROV goes beyond traditional on- and off-road driving with its compact design and aims to provide a wilderness driving experience unlike any traditional vehicle. It is also the first Lexus vehicle to use a hydrogen engine, making it environmentally friendly while providing stimulation and excitement from the sound and vibration of a motor vehicle.