The students of the TAD Master promoted by Politecnico di Milano and managed by attended a remote workshop in collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. This opportunity arose through Samuel Codegoni, who is part of the teaching staff of the TAD Master and worked for the Japanese brand as Creative Digital Expert Designer.

The workshop lasted 5 days and focused on concept design for the 2025 Mitsubishi Mobility project, according to guidelines defined by the company’s design strategy. During the workshop, the topics covered ranged from the classic topic of R&D (research and development), to the historical and stylistic analysis of the company and of the car models made so far, to define those fundamental points of reference to be followed in the creation of new design concepts. As a corollary of this collaboration, we hope to evaluate in the future with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, the possibility of offering an internship to a student, when the Covid situation will allow it.