The Bmw 8 Series becomes a work of art at the hands of Jeff Koons. The car will be unveiled at the Frieze art fair in Los Angeles, in which Bmw has participated as a partner for several years. “My edition of the 8 Series is my dream car. It is truly unique and I have wanted to create a special edition for Bmw for a long time. It is sporty and flashy, but also minimalist and conceptual,” comments the American artist.

Continues Koons: “On the car, the lines grow larger and larger as they travel from the hood to the trunk, creating a sense of forward motion, much like the design elements that are reminiscent of steam jets and ‘POP!’. The blue color is reminiscent of the vastness of space and I love the idea of the car being a global car. What matters is how we relate to the awareness of the whole around us. For the driver and all passengers, the sense of pleasure is elevated. This is what my car has to offer.” The expressive and striking design combines eleven different exterior colors ranging from blue to silver and yellow to black. Only two models per week will be painted for this series.

Highly skilled professionals put in over 200 hours of manual labor at Bmw’s Dingolfing and Landshut plants for the exterior paint job alone, where color samples were often applied with magnifying glasses. Each vehicle comes with a large-format certificate signed by Jeff Koons, Oliver Zipse, ceo of Bmw, and the vehicle’s serial number. The artist also designed the cover of the driver’s manual and an additional signature of his is included in the cupholder panel. Koons deliberately chose Bavarian Blue for the logo.