During the presentation of the industrial plan of Stellantis, ceo Carlos Tavares showed the first two images of the first electric Jeep in history. The model is a B-segment SUV that will arrive in 2023 and will be produced in the Polish plant in Tychy on the e-CMP platform, the same that in a later period will equip the compact SUVs of Alfa Romeo and Fiat.

According to the very first images the smallest Jeep has maintained several aesthetic canons that are part of the stylistic DNA of the brand, such as the seven front slits, now closed due to the lack of need for cooling of the electric motor, and the squared wheel arches. For the rear doors, the design team chose an innovative element consisting of retractable handles against a high beltline that rises further towards the roof. The contrasting roof highlights the C-pillar in the same color as the body.