The family of Audi concept cars is enriched by a new model. After Skysphere and Grandsphere, the Urbansphere is about to arrive, dedicated, as its name suggests, more to urban environments. The sphere concept car family offers a glimpse into the future of Audi design and illustrates how the German premium manufacturer is defining the progressive mobility of the future. The Audi urbansphere concept was conceived specifically to meet the needs of customers in China’s megacities. In areas where personal space is scarce, the concept car offers the largest interior of any Audi to date.

The car was designed by creating by designers led by Mark Lichte first the interior and then the exterior. The Audi Urbansphere will celebrate its world premiere during the “Celebration of Progress” event on April 19, when designer Gary Telaak, will show how automated driving has transformed the interior into a world of mobile experience without steering wheel, pedals and displays. The concept, developed in close collaboration with Audi’s design studios in Beijing and its headquarters in Ingolstadt, is the first Audi car to reflect the desires and experiences of Chinese customers.