Citroën unveils the C4 X, a compact, raised sedan claimed to be designed for customers looking for an alternative to hatchback and SUV offerings. In line with the C5 X, the French car’s design challenges more traditional definitions of compact bodies, combining elements of fastbacks with the raised stance of SUVs and crossovers, the architectures of the moment. “The C4 X stands out from the crowd: it retains Citroën’s unmistakable roundness and styling language at the front, but when you turn around the car you notice that the silhouette is very different, more dynamic and attractive,” said Pierre Leclercq, head of Citroën design.

“We wanted to add length to ensure greater comfort for rear passengers and a very roomy boot, to meet the needs of customers who prefer a more traditional boot and those in the private hire market, but without giving the car a boxy or ungainly look,” Leclercq added. Seen from the side, the dynamic roofline flows smoothly from the top of the windscreen to the upper tailgate panel to create a tapered, aerodynamic fastback silhouette. The tailgate panel, which folds down towards the bumper, is clean and linear, with a discreet spoiler integrated into the top, and accommodates the Citroën lettered logo in the centre.

The layout of the car’s interior follows that seen on the C4, with a horizontally oriented display in the centre of the dashboard for managing the infotainment system and a separate compartment for climate control. Also on this model Citroën decided to use Advanced Comfort seats with a specific, soft foam, while the lines of the cabin and the materials used seek a relaxing atmosphere for enjoying long journeys.