Four years after its launch, the Citroën C5 Aircross is renewed and with the mid-career restyling it changes especially in appearance. Sylvain Henry’s pencil intervened both in the exterior and in the interior to give the largest SUV of the French manufacturer a more current and technological look. The main changes affected the front. The French designer has given new shapes to the front, developing the nose of the car on three levels and playing with the reflections generated between them to give the C5 Aircross a more fluid and elegant appearance.

“The entire front develops around the Double Chevron, which is now larger in size – explains Sylvain Henry -. The glossy black grille extends with small chrome finishes towards the optical groups, where the Led lights stand out. Depending on the angle from which you look at the car you can see the many details we have inserted on the grille: the small chrome elements in the upper part that widen approaching the logo placed in the center, while lower down a series of vertical grooves support the performance of the Double Chevron”. And on the new C5 Aircross, form follows function. For this reason, new wounds can be seen which, in addition to making the car more aggressive, also improve the aerodynamic coefficient. The changes made to the rear are more contained.

“In the back, we only worked on the design of the headlights – continues Sylvain Henry -. Here too we have played on a 3D effect that contributes to daring a more modern look to the car. The entire restyling revolves precisely around this concept: and so also the design of the wheels has been revised to give greater three-dimensionality when the car is in motion”. Finally, some small interventions also affected the passenger compartment. Inside the C5 Aircross, first of all, new upholstery stands out, softer to the touch. In addition, the 10” screen in the center of the dashboard has been positioned more elevated. Then the gear lever disappears, replaced by a selected one with a more minimal style.