A hydrogen-powered MPV for the future. GAC presents Space, a hydrogen-powered, clean-lined multi-car whose interior has been designed around the concept of liveable space. “We believe that interior space and the luxury experience are becoming increasingly important as our customers pursue a better life. The balance between practicality and emotionality is becoming a crucial design consideration for the future. The answer to this is the Space concept car,’ explains Fan Zhang, GAC R&D Vice President and Head of Design.

The interior of the Space is a journey into Chinese culture. The interior contains landscape representations of mountains and rivers and the interior layout is inspired by an activity popular among ancient Chinese intellectuals: the ‘winding stream party’, in which participants sit beside a winding stream and compose poems. Green was chosen as the main colour to give the ambience an elegant and modern feel, while the natural elements represented are Baiyun Mountain and the Pearl River, landmarks of the city of Guangzhou, home to Gac’s headquarters.