Maserati presents Project24. A project (codenamed) for a limited number of super sports cars that will be produced in only 62 units. This extreme, track-only model inherits the specifications of the Maserati MC20, enriched with even more advanced technical features: state-of-the-art V6 Neptune engine with new turbochargers to increase power to 740 bhp, innovative suspension, carbon-ceramic racing braking system and tyres tuned for racing, as well as FIA homologated safety features.

The weight of the car is less than 1,250 kg. The combination of power and weight results in a stunning vehicle with a power-to-weight ratio of around 1.69 kg. Designed by the Maserati Style Centre headed by Klaus Busse, Project24 boasts a new look. This time, Maserati’s design wanted to push the limits with the absence of the constraints typical of a racing car. The result is an unprecedented blend of beauty and sporty spirit, to become a collector’s classic. Maserati Project24 will offer a wide range of services including track experiences and support.